- Free - creativity - for - kids - and - adults -
- Kids used all Lego and ask for a new set?
- Kids used all plastiline and want something bigger?
- Want to give them a natural playing material?
- Want an unusual party for your kids?
Try free play with clay.
It's a new approach to clay modelling with kids. We play with clay as if we would play with a construction set or in a sandbox. Use our fantasy, communicate, learn and grow.
Sometimes, we play some well-known favorite fairy tale. Sometimes, we make up a story right away. Every kid can choose any character, make it from clay, and play with it. Teacher helps everybody and unites all in a common play process.
You can play with clay at home with your kids and their friends, in a kids studio, in a ceramics workshop, or in the kindergarten.
The method is very simple. Neither kids, nor the teacher need any artistic abilities or education.
Many ideas and methods of child psychology, art therapy, play therapy are intuitively used in clay'n'play.
Free play with clay improves the balance and movement coordination, fine motor skills, constructive abilities, communication skills, releases stress.
I like large landscape projects, for example, the whole cities or fairylands, when every child can make the objects of interest.
We use very large amounts of clay, building not only houses and characters, but hills, valleys and rivers as well. We take the whole table for our project, freely walk around the table and play and model in every part of our clay landscape.
Thus, kids perceive the modelling process literately with their whole bodies. They can realize their natural wish to make something truly monumental. This is especially important for boys.

Free creative play with clay helps...
... implement kids' images, senses and ideas in a soft bulky natural material,
... communicate creatively with kids and adults, improve communication skills and self confidence
... improve fine and big motor skills, intellect and emotions
... better understand the child, solve psychological problems in a safe environment
Clay'n'play at home
Perfect way to
- give your kids a new natural material for play and creativity
- give yourself and hour or two of personal time while kids are busy playing
- spend some time with your kids doing something simple, funny and usefull

Technically, you do not need much.
I developed a system that makes your work with clay clean and easy.
No water, no dirt, no cleaning.
Professional modelling clay in a tightly closed bucket with fleece clothes for keeping clay wet enough
Belting cloth cover for the whole table which doesn't stick to clay
The Playing with Clay book in Russian, which describes psychological aspects, lesson examples and modelling instructions for parents
You can purchase all this in a professional ceramics supply store.
Clay can be used multiple times. After each class we collect most of clay back to the bucket. 10-15 kilograms of clay will be enough for a couple of months.
Or you can leave the clay toys dry, paint them or play with them, or take them to closest ceramics shop for firing.
Start playing with clay together with your kids. After you watch my videos and read the book, you will be able to start playing, get your kids involved and interested in modelling and making up stories.
To get inspired and see the examples of classes, or to ask questions to me or other teachers, please join the Clay'n'play group on Facebook or follow the #игравглину hashtag on Instagram.

When kids get comfortable with clay they will easily play by themselves. You would just have to give them some new ideas once in a while, help solve complicated play or technical situations and praise all their creations.
Don't forget to share your findings on Facebook Clay'n'play group and under #игравглину hashtag on Instagram. Together, we create a huge and diverse fairyland of clay games.

Clay'n'play in a studio or kindergarten
A perfect way to
- attract preschoolers to a ceramics studio,
- introduce clay modelling to a kids center or kindergarten,
- make parents participate in their kids' classes

Clay'n'play in a kids studio or kindergarten take the form of a free moderated creative role play. In the beginning, the teacher suggests a theme -- favorite fairy tale, cartoon story or a life situation.
Kids choose the characters they would like to make and play with. Or, they can make other things from the story -- houses, trees or roads. If somebody chooses to make something altogether different, that's fine, too.
Kids start to play with what they have just made. The teacher promotes the story and tries to integrate everybody's creations into the action. Also, the teacher helps the kids to make specific things if they ask for help.

In a kids studio, we usually invite the parents to join the play at no additional fee, especially for kids under 5 years old. Mother of father would play along -- make their own characters, building, trees or mushrooms. They give their kids an example how to model and play. They help their kids to make something only if asked.
Adults should make very simple toys, so that kids would be able to make something similar.
Clay'n'play is very good for dads, granddads and big brothers. It's a very 'masculine' activity -- heavy, bulky, technical.

Right now, I am ready to answer any question about clay'n'play and consult about buying the materials and starting your home or studio clay'n'play sessions.
+7 925 804 24 35,
Facebook: alex.lelchuk.12,
Articles about Clay'n'play
A book has been published about Clay'n'play in 2015
Title: Igry s glinoy
Publishing house: Natsionalnoye obrazovanie
It's a major Russian publishing house for educational literature.

The book is a part of a Vdokhnoveniye (Inspiration) kindergarten program approved by Russian Ministry of Education.

The book is on sale in major internet bookstores.


Basic principles of art therapy, play therapy, creativity, child psychology, common sense applied to clay modelling with kids.
Parents participation
Parents and teachers will understand what clay modelling really means for a child and how they can participate in children creativity process
Detailed description of the teaching process, themes for classes and clay modelling methods
Practical experience
Real cases from the classes, photos of children's works with comments from psychological and artistic view point
How to
Step-by-step instructions for fast and easy making of all necessary characters and buildings needed for play
Description of clay modelling classes for teens. Preschool teachers and parents should know what their efforts will lead to
Clay'n'Play is always fun
You never know what will happen at the class. The play usually starts from a well-known story. But the unabridged kid's fantasy, creativity, free communication give birth to wonderful new stories.
We do not limit the amount of clay. Everybody can take as much material as he can carry. So, we can make not only characters and buildings, but the whole landscape as well.

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